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Staying Sane in the Silly Season

Top 5 Tips for Staying Sane over the Silly Season  – 17/12/07

1. Stay hydrated – It has to be number one because I know that you are going to enjoy yourself and have some alcohol. Bottom line, alcohol is very dehydrating (I know that you know the dry feeling you wake up with after a night with few glasses of your favourite party drink). So the world will not end if you enjoy some party cheer all I suggest is that you have at least one water for each glass or two of alcohol. Remember it is trendy and socially acceptable to drink water now days and there are so many boutique waters on the market to enjoy.

2. Get quality rest – If you know you are going out to play hard, get a power nap in the afternoon before hand. Prepare to play and then you will have the stamina to go all night if you so wish.

3. Eat some real food – The incidence of ailments like gout (yes gout, it is not an old mans disease anymore) increase around this time of year. Snacking on salty and rich foods, enjoying a little too much alcohol and not enough water can lead to acute ailments like gout and or associated aches and pains. So think and plan ahead, eat at least two nutritious meals a day and party on the other and go for quality and not just quantity.

4. Get a buddy to help you enjoy but not regret – If you know you are prone to being the party animal and over indulging ask a friend to do the circuit with you and not for you to try to lead them astray, but ask them to be honest with you and then you listen if they ask you to take a breather.

5. Chill Out – Enjoy it all, it is the party season and you deserve to play. Simply remember that you are human and if you are going to play, PLAY and enjoy every minute of it, just do it guilt free.  Regretting things the day after is useless and damaging to your health. Be responsible the night before and it enjoy yourself.

End this year by staying safe in whatever you do. Merry Christmas to you all and I look forward to playing with you in 2008.

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