Speaking Topics – Health

Instinctive Aromatherapy Master Class

“We are instinctive beings, people suffer when they ignore these natural instincts. The Instinctive Aromatherapy Cards used in this master Class help bring awareness to what we know, access that knowing, and help us utilise essential oils as part of our healing journey.

The Cards are a powerful tool to help you tap into your intuition, develop your emotional awareness, increase your knowledge base as you learn the subtle, metaphysical uses for aromatherapy essential oils”.

Your Hormones, Your Health and You.

Ever wondered why you are living with crappy sleep, happy energy, crappy moods and crappy weight? The reality is that day to day lifestyle stresses impact our hormones which then impact our health results. Just eating clean and exercising will not keep us balanced now days. We have gone beyond that. In this light and practical look at your hormones and your health, you will understand the core basics of an essential health topic. You will learn how to make simply daily changes to have your body start working for you instead of against you.


The Present Day Wise Woman

Jen Jefferies is The Present Day Wise Woman helping women find their Voices, their Ultimate Health and their “What’s Next” in the 2nd chapter of their lives.

In 2014 when Jen returned home after walking The Camino de Santiago across Spain she was frustrated with the lack of information and resources available for women looking for their what’s next. When she searched the word Crone Jen was disturbed to find images of haggard old women and witches. Jen was 53 in peace health, knew where she was going in life and was thriving.

For nearly twenty years Jen had been travelling to non western countries teaching and being with the locals. In these cultures the 50+ year old woman is highly revered and respected as the wise woman, the complete opposite to western cultures. Jen decided that it was time to Redefine The Crone to truly represent the Present Day Wise Woman.

In this keynote address Jen will share the steps it take to thrive in health as a 50+ year old woman and step into their what’s next for the second chapter of their lives.