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Self Destruct

About twenty years ago I watched as someone close to me almost self-destructed. It didn’t matter how much friends and family told her to slow down and take a look at what she was doing to herself, she just kept going. It was the 80’s, the days of ‘die before cry’, the days of corporate excess and extravagance, the days of ‘greed is good’ and stomp on anyone that gets in the way. She was cutting so many corners with her health and with her values that she was physically and emotionally wrecked, but she just kept on going – joyless, but successful in the eyes of the world. That was until a serious car accident literally stopped her in her tracks and she finally took a reality check.

I can share this story because it is mine. And what I see in the business world today is not much different. People are repeating the same mistakes that I did and can’t always see it because they are so focused on achieving. Knowing yourself as you do, would you employ yourself, knowing how out of balance your life is? Sure, you might be a hard worker, but would you want someone who is so far down the road to burnout playing an important role in your organisation? Instead of shrugging off the concerned comments of your friends and family next time they suggest that perhaps you’re working too hard or need to take some time out, listen to them, there might be something in what they’re saying that you can’t see for yourself

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