The Scentual Way to Success eBook


I wrote this book  primarily for people to have for a quick reference to the emotional benefits of the essential oils. These recipes and ideas can be useful in  business and in personal life. It has been designed so that you can open it at any page and get something relevant to your life at that moment. You may open at a page and find an essential oil compatible with an emotion that you are, or have been, experiencing. You could then  take the opportunity to use that oil or combination of oils to re-balance yourself.

I have also incorporated  ideas, on what I see as the influences and causes of imbalance in people’s lives. This comes from personal experience and through working  with my clients. You may turn to  a page  where the  topic may “push your buttons” emotionally,  and from that you will derive whatever message or relevant information you require. Use the book as you wish. I have written it in simple language, and have strived to make it as user-friendly as possible. I hope you enjoy it, realise the benefits of essential oils and their subtle talents, and learn to start living again.


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