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In the western world, most of us are fortunate enough to have an abundance of food readily available, the worry about where our next meal is coming from doesn’t trouble most of us. And because of this abundance, we’ve lost sight of the fact that essentially food is fuel and that the purpose of eating is to provide our bodies with the tools they need for energy, functioning, building and maintenance. For many of us food is about pleasure, indulgence (and overindulgence) and we eat for a variety of different reasons, none of which relate to the idea of providing our bodies with quality fuel. We eat unconsciously, we use food to fill emotional voids or to be sociable and we fill our bodies with things that we all know aren’t good for us – in effect, rather than using food as essential fuel, we use it to inflict damage on ourselves.

Learn the essentials to maintaining a realistic nutrition plan that feeds your body and still allows room for fun.


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