The only way to move forward is to give back

It can be easy to forget, just how lucky we are. Sure, we have our challenges and crises, but most of us have never known real poverty. As an avid traveller, I get to see the best, and the worst of this world and I’m reminded every day, just how lucky I – we – are.

Over five years ago now I visited the small Thai village of Kaper, and it changed me. I left my heart there that day and came back home, knowing that I had to do everything in my power to help the children over there break the cycle.

Here you will find out how I give back – and how you can too, should you choose to help.


The Q Foundation

Malnutrition, illness, flooded houses, broken roofs, no schooling, little food and no parents – this is the situation many kids find themselves in when they come into The Q Foundation. It’s a life no child should ever have to face – particularly alone.

At The Q Foundation, we are committed to changing this by providing children, teens and youth in Kaper, Thailand, with the funding they so desperately need to maintain good health, have safe accommodation and get an education that can open up a world of opportunity.

The Surfing Unicorn

The Surfing Unicorn is an online shop stocking a wide range of products from T-Shirts and jumpers through to phone cases and drink bottles all branded with the Surfing Unicorn. This fun-loving, adventurous and magical character was born at a face-painting, pool party at my place (because life is fun and you should never fully grow up!) and is here for everyone to enjoy.
All profits raised go directly to The Q Foundation.