Having never birthed a child, I never expected to be at risk of a pelvic floor prolapse and I never expected my self confidence to be hit so hard.  I naively never considered doing Kegels or specific pelvic floor exercises. The second half of 2023 saw me experience a level 5+ prolapse. Dr referred me to a physiotherapist who specialized in Pelvic Floor health and suggested that I try taking estrogen. I chose not to try estrogen and I did manage to find two great physiotherapists and some awesome resources to help you like I have been able to help myself. Eight months on I have improved back to a level one, my self confidence is back and I am on track to be fully recovered and back to great pelvic floor health.

Special note: I affectionately call my women’s health Physio’s, my Fanny Physio’s.

Note – For those in North America, us Aussies call women’s genitalia our Fanny.

My treatment plan has included

Sarah Mattin

Physiotherapist / Founder 

* A very specific system of acupuncture by womens health physiotherapist Dr Sarah Mattin from Gold Coast Sports Medicine and Rehab. Check out these Podcasts with the coolest Dr I know.

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GC Sports Medicine and Rehab 

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Gold Coast Sports Medicine and Rehabilitation 

Dr Maz Roginski 

Physiotherapist / Founder

 Regular acupuncture and TCM by Dr Maz Roginski 

– Check out this podcast where we talk about the impact of working too hard on pelvic floor prolapse

How to contact and follow Dr Maz Roginski

To download the FREE eBook on Spleen energy, click here. 

Website www.balancedacupuncture.com.au

Instagram: @balanced_with_drmaz

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Podcast: Balanced Natural Health 


Georgia Feben at Women’s Wellness Project


* Fitting of a removable Pessary so that I could return to exercise by women’s health  Physiotherapist Georgia Feben at Women’s Wellness Project. 

Check out these podcasts where I talk to Georgia about all things pessaries and also about the examination that a women’s health physio will do to assess your pelvic floor health.

How to contact and follow Georgia

Contact Georgia at:



Instagram: @womenswellnessproject

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Claire Osterstock, Olive & Bee

Fanny Physiotherapist and Founder of Olive & Bee

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Instagram: @olivebeeandme

Facebook: @oliveandbee

Products Jen Uses

A Perifit to ensure I am using the right pelvic floor muscles the right way. Use this link and code for a 25% discount. 

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This is the Marine Collagen Elixir that I personally used to help support my body reducing the natural atrophy and tissue thinning that happens as we age. I took two bottles a day for the first month and then went back down to one a day.

Marine Collagen Elixir
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The wonderful natural cream to help you feel physically more comfortable with the prolapse.

Marine Collagen Elixir