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Living your dream or waiting for “OneDay”?

Are you living your dreams now, or waiting for “one day”? Fifteen years ago I read the book ‘The Camino’ by Shirley MacLaine and I was totally inspired to walk The Camino. So what is ‘The Camino’? It is a pilgrimage 800+km walk that starts in St Jean pied de Port in France, across the Pyreness mountains to Santiago de Compostela in north western Spain.  Like most people I have a list of things I have wanted to do for a long time and every year I cross off some. This was a biggie that I had been holding back from.  I asked myself at the beginning of this year “if not now, when” would I walk The Camino.  There was no reason why I could not commit to doing the walk this year, apart from some lame ones like the typical, work and family commitments. I would always have commitments that could justify not doing this walk. However, when I asked myself truly ‘If not now when’, I knew this was the time.  So in 27 sleeps I fly via Paris to St Jean pied de Port to begin my Camino and live an amazing adventure over five weeks.  My goal is to walk not just the Camino but also the extra three days to “the end of the world”. That is Cape Finisterre. I figure I will walk it in a total of 28 days.

The cool thing is that I have been working on my health, fitness and life so that I know I can complete and enjoy this trek easily. Well, as easy as 800+km goes.  The nutrition products that I use give me such confidence in doing this trek.   So I ask you today… If not now, when?  Are you still kinda, sorta, maybe thinking about looking after your health and planning for the future or are you ready to be serious.  If you are ready email me as I would love to chat. 

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