Choose the right essential oil when you need it

Essential oils have an incredible impact on your physical and emotional health, from the antimicrobial, antiviral, antifungal and antioxidant properties to the sweet-smelling, therapeutic, mood-enhancing and cosmetic benefits. But how do you know which essential oil to choose? 

This is where Aromatherapy Insight Cards come in. Tapping into your intuition and trusting that you know exactly what you need when you need it, you select a card and use the essential oil on it for both the physical and emotional benefits for a holistic treatment.


The Aromatherapy Insight Cards

The Aromatherapy Insight Cards are a powerful tool to help you tap into your intuition, develop your emotional awareness and increase your knowledge base as you learn the subtle uses for aromatherapy. They can also help you build rapport and have a meaningful conversation with your clients during a consultation.

The Aromatherapy Insight Cards includes 42 cards and a guidebook, written by Jennifer Jefferies and illustrated by artist Karen Osborn.

By using the Insight Cards, you can identify how your emotional stress is manifested in your physical body and choose the essential oils for both their physical therapeutic benefits and emotional benefits for a holistic treatment.

Aromatherapy Insight Cards & Introductory Course 

This course is for the essential oil lover who wants to learn and understand the subtle emotional uses of essential oils to enhance their holistic aromatherapy experience. 

We are emotional beings, and behind all physical imbalances, there is an emotion that feeds the imbalance. Our current lives are very changeable, and we are called to discover new ways of being more present and aware of external influences on our wellbeing and health.

In this Introductory Online course, author Jennifer Jefferies, and Aromatherapy Insight Cards Artist Karen Osborn teach you the theory and the practical application of how to use the Aromatherapy Insight Cards.

We will explore the influence of essential oils on emotions and describe the meanings behind the illustrations. You will gain the confidence to work with essential oils to their full potential and real tools for personal support and growth in daily life.