7 Steps to Sanity

7 Steps to Sanity Online Mentoring Program

Imagine what it would be like to be able to have and do everything you want without constantly feeling stretched so thin that you think you’re about to snap.

“The 7 Steps to Sanity are the culmination of a lifetime’s worth of experience. It seems I’ve spent the first half of my adult life doing damage to myself and the second half learning how to put myself and other people back together again.” – Jennifer Jefferies

Make a change today! My 7 Steps to Sanity online mentoring program is where you’ll learn some simple but effective strategies that will help you to start enjoying life again!

Today’s fast-paced, ‘have it all now’ world demands that we are able to do and have everything right now. Worse still, we expect of ourselves. Somewhere along the way we have all forgotten that we are meant to be enjoying our lives – not just existing from one crisis to the next.

Do you:

  • Have unrealistic expectations of yourself and your ability to deal with everything life throws at you?
  • Find it hard to switch off at night and on weekends?
  • Use weekends as a time to catch up on work you didn’t have time for during the week?
  • Feel as though your responsibilities are enormous and that no one but you can fulfill them?

Welcome to the club!

You’re not alone! If you found yourself nodding as you read those statements – congratulations! You’ve just shown that you are human … same as the rest of us. As human beings, we are all afflicted by one common ailment – we are only human. We’re not machines and can’t expect ourselves to be able to behave like machines all day, every day. That doesn’t mean that you can’t continue to want and have everything that you currently do. It means looking at things from a fresh perspective and taking the advice of someone who has been where you are right now and who can show you how you can have it all without burning out.

The 7 Steps to Sanity Online Mentoring Program provides the right balance of logic, understanding and action to help you move away from feeling burnt out and overwhelmed and toward feeling energised, enthusiastic and unstoppable! Each week you’ll receive an email lesson focusing on one element of each of the 7 Steps to Sanity. You’ll keep receiving email lessons for as long as you want to continue with the program. All you need to do is read the email and make a commitment to integrating the lessons and perspectives into your life – it’s that simple!

You’ll learn how to:

  • Respect and be kind to yourself again.
  • Feed your body properly for top performance.
  • Make exercise so much a part of your routine that you end up doing it by accident.
  • Play More and remember to have more fun each day.
  • Get a Life by creating a “whole life diary” and living by it..
  • Stop procrastinating and ‘do it now’ instead of waiting for the ‘right’ time for everything.
  • Chill Out and get some perspective.
  • Best of all, you’ll learn how to cut yourself some slack for ‘just’ being human and get on with enjoying life again.

Imagine the difference a fresh perspective and a regular ‘boost’ could make to your life and how great it would be to have that ‘just back from holidays’ glow all year long. Imagine how fantastic it would be to actually get out there every day and live your life.


“Participating in the 7 Steps Program has proved to be a constructive team building exercise and the results speak for themselves. Staff demonstrated positive changes to their health and wellbeing – both inside and outside our work environment.” – Gary Elliott, General Manager, Grand United Health Fund

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