My mission is to empower people with the basics that help them stay in the “corridor” where their body and life works for them instead of against them. Life will constantly challenge us and kick us out of the corridor. As a practitioner I care about helping you get to the place where you can bounce back into the corridor easily. Thriving instead of simply Surviving. Jen is The Present Day Wise Woman (because she has been where you are and come out the other side) and is here to help you. Imagine where you can be in three to six months time. As a participate on this mentoring program you have access to Jen’s closed Facebook community and weekly Online Q and A session to help keep you on track. Yes you get access to Jen LIVE each week in the coaching group. Jennifer is the Butt Kicking Naturopath Who Get’s You Results! Real Advice & Support. No BS ✌

Living from a place of prevention physically and emotionally today and always.

The Present Day Wise Woman Online Mentoring Program

You want to stay healthy but you get dragged off track sometimes! Let me keep you on track weekly LIVE health mentoring.

Aromatherapy Insight Cards Course

This course is for the essential oil lover who wants to learn and understand the subtle emotional uses of essential oils to enhance their holistic aromatherapy experience.

We are emotional beings and behind all physical imbalances, there is an emotion that feeds the imbalance. Our current lives are very changeable, and we are called to discover new ways of being more present and aware of external influences on our well being and health.

The Aromatherapy Insight Cards are a powerful tool to help you tap into your intuition, develop your emotional awareness and enhance your knowledge base as you gain further understanding of the subtle uses for aromatherapy.

In this Introductory Online course, author Jennifer Jefferies, and Aromatherapy Insight Cards Artist Karen Osborn teach you the theory and the practical application of how to use the Aromatherapy Insight Cards.

We will explore the influence of essential oils on emotions, and describe the meanings behind the illustrations. You will gain the confidence to work with essential oils to their full potential, and real tools for personal support and growth in daily life.

Join us on a new journey of discovery into another aspect of Aromatherapy.

How to Write and Publish Your Book Course


Jen the Naturopath Publishes 14 Books

Jen’s written and published 14 books. She’s reached no. 1 on Amazon in her field. She has books that were published 20 years ago, still creating income for her today. Books have taken Jen to her goal of being an International Speaker, a role she loves to play with and does so often.

Jen failed in English. She left high school at 15yr. She used to think, who would want to read a book from someone who is dyslexic, can’t spell and failed English? Instead of letting doubt cloud Jen’s goal, she changed her thinking. She knew she had a message her clients wanted to hear. She found away!

Our course is available to you right now.

In this course, we will walk you through 3 easy to implement steps to publish your book, including:

1. The little know focusing technique we use

2. Easy to follow steps on how to write a book

3. The secrets to publishing your book successfully.

The best part is, it’s easy to do. We’ll show you how, step-by-step.