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Dad and I

I have always had a fascination with motor bikes and got my licence in my early twenties. In the last ten years I have taken up riding more regularly again and I have shared pictures of some of my rides with my mates in this newsletter and on my blog. Just before Christmas my mum showed me an old photo of my dad in his younger days with his motor bike. So I had a play in photo shop and put the photo of dad on his bike into one of my bike photos.

The thing that is cool about this shot is that I am wearing my dad’s old silk scarf which he always wore on his motor bike and proudly gave me a couple of years ago. In my photo from last year and his we are standing in very similar positions with our bikes and we are both wearing the same scarf. My dad gave up riding motor bikes when he married and became a dad. The photo of dad was taken 54 years ago and I wanted to share it with you today. This is one of my favourite photos. I know where I got my love of bikes.

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