Make you and your health a priority
Make you and your health a priority

Stop surviving, start thriving.

With timeframes getting tighter, workplaces becoming more competitive, and the daily demands of life hanging over us it can be easy to sacrifice our own health and happiness to “get it all done”. You know the feeling right? It’s like Ground Hog day, the same old manic schedule, just faster-paced and more pressure.

Maybe you’re close to burnout, or have already hit the wall, or maybe you just keep questioning, “isn’t there more to life than this?”

Jennifer Jefferies is The Present Day Wise Woman. One of Australia’s most respected authors and a highly sought after speakers in the area of health and wellbeing, working closely with some of the world’s most well known brands to restore work life balance in their organisations.

No stranger to corporate burnout herself, she now works with individuals, like you, who yearn for a better, healthier, more successful life.

You can be living a life of contribution, joy and wealth – away from the stresses and pressures of the corporate rat race, and Jennifer can show you how.

The purpose of life isn’t just to live, but to thrive!

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Latest Podcast Episodes

204. Dealing with vaginal dryness and pelvic floor prolapse

204. Dealing with vaginal dryness and pelvic floor prolapse

Claire Osterstock, a fanny physiotherapist located in Adelaide, South Australia, specialises in helping both women and men manage pelvic pain. Frequently approached for recommendations on personal lubricants, Claire noticed a lack of natural options in the market, dominated by products with synthetic chemicals and preservatives. Motivated by this, she developed her own brand, Olive and Bee, which offers a 100% natural personal lubricant. In this episode, Jen chats with Claire about her journey and the creation of Olive and Bee.

203. The top 5 secrets to self discipline

203. The top 5 secrets to self discipline

“Jen, sticking to a plan can be tough.” You might find yourself excited about a new nutrition plan on Monday, only to abandon it by the afternoon. Or, you might commit to exercising but give up after a few days when you don’t see immediate results. In this episode, Jen shares her top five secrets on how to build lasting self-discipline.

202. What makes the best skin creams

202. What makes the best skin creams

Did you know that sorbolene contains additives such as glycerin (synthesized from petrochemicals) and paraffin(A white or colourless soft solid derived from petroleum)? In this episode, Jen talks about what makes the best skin creams.

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