Overthinking, over working, worrying, or feeling anxious can lead to mental strain and harm Spleen Qi. Why is this a concern. When spleen Qi is down for too long it opens the door to pelvic floor prolapse.

Pelvic floor prolapse and incontinence can be uncomfortable and distressing conditions affecting many individuals, particularly women. For me, it even shook my self confidence. So, before you think I’ll stop reading… this is not me, please read as it can happen to you too. Stats show it is 1 in 3 post menopausal women who can experience prolapse.

Being a woman who had never birthed a child, I did not feel the risk to be doing the preventative pelvic floor exercises. I had no prior signs like urge or stress incontinence, nothing until one day after a busy block of travelling speaking, I did a mighty cough and it dropped. What dropped? My read wall of pelvic floor has weakened and my uterus decided to drop AND this is way too common not to be talked about.

So at 62, I get to deal with and manage my stage 4 pelvic floor prolapse. I have surrounded myself with an awesome team of specialists. Two “Fanny Physios”, Yes there are physical therapists who specialise in just pelvic floor disorders (and I don’t think they get paid enough for what they do). One of the Fanny Physios I see for acupuncture on my pelvic floor, the second I see for a pessary so that I have been able to return to surfing and regular exercise. I also see my Dr of Traditional Chinese Medicine and I have a through treatment plan that we are working. The great news is that I’m recovering well and I wanted to share some links to resources that have helped me.

These are some podcasts with one of my Fanny Physio’s Dr @Sarah from where we talk and give strategies to help urge, stress incontinence and prolapse.

Healthy Life Hacks Podcast

178. Why we wee when we sneeze – Pelvic Floor Prolapse

179. I gotta go, I went! Dealing with urge incontinence and pelvic floor

This link is Dr @mazroginski, Dr of Traditional Chinese Medicine where she talks about the influence of overwork and prolapse. Yes it’s a very real thing.

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This link is to Perifit. This has been integral to my recovery and will be part of my ongoing prevention too.

  • More than 1 billion women have pelvic floor disorders like incontinence or prolapse.
  • Kegel exercises strengthen your pelvic floor to combat incontinence and pelvic floor issues.Unfortunately, almost 30% of women perform kegel exercises that are inaccurate or potentially damaging.
  • Perifit is the only connected device which uses a unique patented double pressure-sensor technology to identify faulty contractions.

This link will give you a 20% discount on Perifit https://perifitaustralia.refr.cc/jenniferjefferies

Prevention is key. If you are experiencing any bladder leakage or prolapse symptoms, no matter how long you have been putting up with it, a “Fanny Physio” can help. Track one down. Share this with your girlfriends, coworkers etc. We need to talk about this more as it is far too common not to.