Forty two percent of current remote workers say if their current company does not continue to offer remote work options long term, they will look for a job at a company that does. (Pulse of the American Survey)

Working from home, they were able to breathe again and yet, also felt isolated and alone

Researchers have found a ‘magic ratio’ to balance it with office work. As reported in ABC News, Dr Caroline Knight, a Research Fellow at Curtin University’s Future of Work Institute, says its well known that people need autonomy, competence and relatedness for psychological growth.

So, what is the magic ratio? It seems that two to two and a half days. Dr Knight says, “We have found … interactions with colleagues rather than managers when you’re in the office offsets that sense of loneliness, even when you’re working from home,” she says.

“If you get that connection with colleagues, when you’re in the office, say three days a week, it actually stops you feeling as lonely.”

I love that, like us nature is constantly evolving not stagnant. 

The uncertainty today amplifies the need for the workplace to evolve through this time of hybridisation, we get to navigate the new environment.

So, what’s next?

The goal is to adapt with ease and learn to flourish. Community has never been more important than now. It brings meaning and purpose to what we do. The more the system tried to isolate us the last few years, the more this pull has been for community to come together. 

Fostering connections and being more “mindful” of others that we interact with is a simple start. Is there more to this? Absolutely and this is a start. Imagine living and working mindfully…. wow what a world.