The absolutely most important thing you will do ALL DAY is SLEEP. It amazes me that people will take an hour or two to get all ready to go out and yet they do no prep to sleep. Sleep is there for our physical, emotional and spiritual body to rest and recharge.Being someone who never respected their sleep when I was younger and then burned out I have the upmost respect and discipline around my sleep. 

So how much do you need? A little background first. During the night your adrenal glands recharge. Particularly between 2-4am. This is a really common time for people to wake, which simply shows they have been taxing their adrenals. So to support your adrenal recharging sleep the best….. head to bed by 10pm so that you get the most important four hours of sleep before that 2am mark. Ideally you sleep between 7 and 9 hours a night which in the minimum to recharge your adrenals. 

If you are recharged properly you wake, rise and have the energy to start your day. If you are not doing that, think about giving your sleep and adrenals some support by using my fav class of herbs…. Adaptogens. Yes I bang on about them however we say that your chi, your life force lives in your adrenal glands and when you run out of adrenal energy and “Chi” you die. So speaking as a person who smashed their adrenals in their younger years and knows the benefits of looking after them from a place of prevention…. GO TO BED ON TIME 6 Days Week and sort out a solid program for looking after your adrenals. 

PS – If your sleep is crappy and your adrenals are tired you are probably also cranky, dragging your butt, moody, lost your mojo and carrying a little extra weight.