How many of these statements can you say a strong YES to?

I go to sleep easy 

I sleep right through

I wake fresh

I have solid energy all day

I never crave foods

I am my right weight

I feel happy 

I have clarity of mind

I remember things easily

• I am never stressed

If you answered YES to less than 6 of these statements, your body is showing early signs of adrenal tiredness. What’s the solution?

Sleep is on the top of the list for a reason. it is the most important thing we do all day. To get the bottom line on “Sleeping Your Way Out Of Adrenal Burnout”, check out my podcast. https://jenniferjefferies.com/2020/08/08/1-sleep-your-way-out-of-burnout/


You’ve no doubt heard the saying that food is fuel - it really is. What you put into your body will determine how much you get out of it. In this information-packed free guide, I help you understand the nutritional necessities to help you eat well, think well and live well.


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  • - Afternoon energy boosters
  • - The ideal way to eat
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