Aromatherapy Insight Card Reading
18 November 2021


Metaphysical Benefits: Thyme is a fortifying essential oil that dispels despondency and negativity, giving those who withdraw the strength to emerge with self-confidence and overcome obstacles. It removes fears and gives strength to feel fulfilled and worthy. Trust your intuition and draw on its power and influence to strengthen your will. Work with the positive aspects of willpower to draw on the dynamic energy of Thyme and strengthen yourself on all levels. 

Physical Benefits: Thyme is an anti-bacterial, anti-viral and stimulant used to treat respiratory disorders and mental exhaustion.



Metaphysical Benefits: Peppermint helps you connect with your purpose in life. Keeping your vital passion potent and ready to meet life’s challenges questioning your purpose and direction. Do not get caught up in other people’s games. Stay on your path, be true to yourself, go out on that limb and enjoy taking those risks to succeed. 

Physical Benefits: An analgesic, Peppermint soothes menstrual cramps and headaches, and alleviates digestive and respiratory disorders. Peppermint is also an antiseptic. 



Metaphysical Benefits: Cedarwood is invaluable in helping you through the toughest situations in life by giving you the willpower, focus and persistence to keep going. Access your courage and get what you want in life and business. You will stay grounded while taking charge without being irrational and over sensitive. Recognise negative situations and change them into learning experiences. You are the one in control. Tap into your courage and regain control over, and responsibility for, your life.  

Physical Benefits: Cedarwood promotes grounding and relieves nervous tension, it also alleviates respiratory disorders, acne. It is an astringent and is an antiseptic for skin. 


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