Aromatherapy Insight Card Reading
2 November 2021

Tea Tree

Metaphysical Benefits: Replace your “victim” mentality and feelings of doom and gloom with a feeling of understanding. Take a step back, release the struggle in life by understanding why events happen. By finding patience and seeing other points of view, you bring tolerance and growth into your environment and life. Enjoy the chance to learn to understand yourself and the others in your life. 

Physical Benefits: Tea Tree is an antibacterial that relieves acne, cold sores and times. It also aids respiratory disorders.


Clary Sage

Metaphysical Benefits: For times of emotional and mental confusion, mood swings and indecision, or just when you feel burnt out and weepy. Clary Sage restores harmony and regenerates interest in life, helping you to be clear about what you want and how to get it. Do not be influenced by others. Stay clear and focused as to what you want. Access and work with your intuition to remove events that distract from your path. Travel the road emotionally uplifted, but in a calm state. Clary Sage does not throw you over the top, but keeps you confident and steadfast in reality by connecting you to the earth. Broaden your perception and your horizons, tapping into your subconscious to make those choices clearly, and now. 

Physical Benefits: Relieves nervousness, emotional stress mental disorders.



Metaphysical Benefits: Re-balancing the extremes of life, emotionally “up” one minute and “down” the next. Geranium is essential for the workaholic perfectionists in life. Geranium delivers balance and symmetry to all areas of life. Time to remove the should’s and do what you truly want to do. Balance your logical, analytical workaholic self with the emotional, spontaneous, fun person you used to be and want to be. All work and no play makes us all stressed in some way.  

Physical Benefits: Balances moods and emotions, adrenal glands and oil production in the skin. It helps nervous tension, exhaustion and neuralgia.