Are you over 50? In Western society, we can often shun ageing, but it’s time we see this second part of our lives for what it really is – the best and most exciting years of our life. With kids grown and a successful career had, you can often find yourself called for another purpose. In this episode, Jen shares how you can lean into this new purpose and add significant value to younger generations and society at large as a wisdom keeper.

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When my mum turned fifty, I wrote her a card saying congratulations, you’re now a Crone, exciting times ahead and a lot of encouragement and respect that she had reached this milestone. But my mum was devastated and felt insulted.

I saw her as a wise woman who will bring all of the knowledge and experience of the last 50 years into the next stage of her life. But all she saw was the old, witch persona. It really distressed me at the time as I didn’t get it.

In eastern cultures, the wise woman is revered. But unfortunately, in the western world, it is in many ways the complete opposite. So I wanted to talk about this today, as we need to redefine the Crone. Part of my branding as the ‘present day wise woman’ is to do this because I’m more alive and excited about life now as a Crone than when I was younger.

So what is a Crone?

The word Crone is derived from the old word for crown, suggesting the wisdom that emanates from the head like a halo. 

At what age do you become a Crone? 

Crone is the stage in a woman’s life when she enters menopause, usually around age 50. In archetypal language, the maiden, the mother and the Crone personify the feminine.

The Crone stage of life is a time of giving back to society the cumulative wisdom of the years. The Crone is the wisdom keeper and traditionally the healer who passes down her wisdom. 

Crone energy leads to changes being made in society. As the Crone woman moves further into her life path, she feels the urge to teach others and cultivate her passions.

During the Middle Ages, the church feared these wise women and the fact that they were so revered. As a result, so many were killed during the Inquisition, and the wise woman of old was relegated to the wicked witch and hag archetype of our fairy tales. 

So I’m not happy with this vibe put onto our wise women.

Biologically, the life stages of a typical woman are divided into: 

  • Infancy
  • Puberty (adolescence), 
  • Sexual maturation (reproductive age)
  • Climacteric period – the period of life when fertility and sexual activity are in decline, menopause
  • Post-climacteric (elderly) years

I am about to turn 60, and I want to share the growth and adventures that I have lived through my life.

It’s us Baby Boomer women who are now in their wise years. 

We did the bra-burning and worked hard to break down barriers. The women’s liberation movement of the 1960s and 1970s laid the foundation for the rights that young women have today. 

We were the first generation to want and gain a family and a career, and we followed on from the courageous suffragettes of the early 1900s. At some stage, I’m hoping that culturally we’ll also do the same with the Crone and reclaim the title of being honoured in our post-menopausal stage.

Two of the most basic human needs are connection and community, and the modern Crone embodies this. Our community needs us, and it’s not just about volunteering; it’s about passing on your knowledge and embracing your legacy.

The pandemic of 2020 showed us more than ever the need to come together in community. The Crone has the experience and maturity, and wisdom to hold the space for the community to rebuild.

It’s a purpose we are called to, not just wanting to fill up our time in retired life.

I cross paths with so many women who are feeling lost and asking what’s next. Their kids have left home, work is done, and they have all of this life experience and wisdom.

Are you being called? 

I know that I am. I took on being a “Present Day Wise Women’ to continue the work of the wise Crone before me. If you are being called to stand up and start exploring, I encourage you to own your Crone.

These are the most exciting years of our life. We have so much to give, and the world needs us.

Healthy Life Hacks

So, the healthy life hack I want to leave you with today is: 

  1. Reclaim the Crone! Determine how you can serve in this part of your life by sharing your wisdom and experience with the world

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