Amazing things happen when you walk tall. There is something energising about it. As you put your shoulders back and hold your abdomen in, your body is supported, your lungs fill properly, your digestive and nervous systems work more effectively, and you open your heart to the world. In this episode, Jen shares the importance of walking tall for your physical and emotional health and gets vulnerable to why she didn’t for a long time. 

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When I was around 11 years old, my mum bought me my first bra, and I remember the first time I wore it. We were living in Brisbane and going to the Currumbin Bird Sanctuary as we often did.

It was a hot summer’s day, and I was wearing a white singlet top. I remember getting dressed and feeling so vulnerable and scared. We got out of the car, and one of my brothers or sisters, yelled out, “You’re wearing a bra!”

At that moment, my shoulders slumped down and forward, and I did everything I could that day to hide my boobs. Everything in me changed, my posture and confidence, and I spent most of my life that way. I wouldn’t put my chest out because it meant putting my breasts out. 

When I joined the Army at 17, still round-shouldered, they size you up to stand in your platoon. You march and do everything in this order. I remember I was in the middle row in position three. So, not the shortest but close.

For the whole of that six weeks of basic training, I looked into the back of the girl’s head in front of me. I remember so clearly that on my march out parade (the day we graduate from basic training), I saw clear over her head as we marched off in front of family and friends. I looked at her head for six weeks, but that day I was proud of myself, I felt confident, and I stood up tall for the first time in a long time.

I want to share today that our posture and the way we hold ourselves holds lots of health benefits and influences self-confidence and self-esteem. 

Why should we stand tall?

The idea is to keep your body in perfect alignment, maintaining the spine’s natural curvature, with your neck straight and shoulders parallel with the hips. Your shoulders should be back and relaxed, and you need to pull in your abdomen.

The health benefits:

  • Reduced low back pain 
  • Fewer headaches
  • Increased energy levels 
  • Less tension in your shoulders and neck 
  • Decreased risk of abnormal wearing of the joint surfaces
  • Increased lung capacity 
  • Improved circulation and digestion
  • Walking tall shoulders back opens up the heart chakra
  • Instils confidence although feeling vulnerable

Now, don’t go buying shoulder posture correctors, though! Your body becomes reliant and more damaged in the long run.

I’m doing a breathing course at the moment to help with my surfing. I’ve been doing this to increase my lung capacity, and through it I’ve realised just how much standing tall increases our lung capacity. It’s also excellent for our digestion and circulatory systems.

Walking tall with our shoulders back also opens up our heart chakra. Back when I got my bra, I closed up my heart chakra as a protective measure. That’s what rounded shoulders do; they close our heart chakra. When you stand tall, you can feel more vulnerable at first, but over time it opens your heart chakra, and you have more love to give – love you can’t give out when you’re closed off.

I’m consciously correcting my posture these days. I do it for the breathing and health benefits but most importantly because it opens my heart up. The first couple of times I’ve felt so vulnerable – terrified even – but it’s getting easier. 

So, let’s do this together. Sit up straight, take a deep breath in and drop your shoulders down on the out-breath. If you’re in the car, consider adjusting the car seat, so you’re sitting taller. Push through the vulnerability and come through to find the natural confidence in walking tall.

Healthy Life Hacks

So, the healthy life hacks I want to leave you with today are: 

  • Now and through your day, stand tall. Put your shoulders back and abs in – set a reminder on your phone
  • Adjust your car seat to go from the lounging position to more upright. Your body will thank you.

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