Our skin is what protects us from the outside world, making it one of our largest and most important organs. Are you treating it like one? Continuing with the topic of great skin, Jen shares more tips to improve your complexion, including how to get a healthy glow, what essential oils to use, the toxins to reduce and avoid and more.

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In Part 1 of How to have great skin, I spoke about the importance of protecting your skin, how to eliminate effectively and how to renew your skin cells – remember the brick wall? What about the 7 steps?

In this episode, we’re going to delve into step 4-7, which include Feed your Skin, Essential Oils, Change Constantly and Toxins to Avoid.

Step 4 – Feed your skin

  • Protect your skin from free radicals by eating fresh food high in vitamins and minerals
  • Take an anti-oxidant for further free radical protection – Vit C is responsible for manufacturing collagen and elastin 
  • Take collagen (I’ll put a link to the one I use at the end of the show notes)
  • Eat oily fish three times a week to get essential fatty acids –If vegetarian like me, use flaxseed oil daily
  • Avoid hydrogenated oils/trans fatty acids
  • Reduce sugar
  • Increase protein intake
  • Eat close to nature

Step 5 – Essential Oils 

Your skin is made up of multiple layers, and different essential oils can assist with each:

  • Epidermis (outermost layer) – Bergamot, Lemon, Orange, Rosemary, Tea Tree, Rose
  • Dermis (middle layer) – Lavender, Chamomile, Geranium, 
  • Sub Cutis (innermost layer) – Sandalwood, Vetiver, Jasmine, Cypress, Frankincense

There are also essential oils that can suit different skin types: 

  • Normal Skin – In normal skin, the oil and moisture levels are balanced. The skin looks soft, moist, plump and dewy and has a healthy glow and colour. Useful essential oils for normal skin include Neroli, Geranium, Palmarosa, and Petitgrain.
  • Oily Skin and Acne – Oily skin can be recognised by its shiny, oily appearance. Pores may appear enlarged, and they may be prone to breakouts. Useful essential oils for oily skin and acne include BergamotCedarwood, Cypress, Lavender, Lemon, Palmarosa, Geranium, Sandalwood, Juniper, and Ylang Ylang.
  • Dry Skin – Dry skin lacks natural oil and moisture, it tends to be very fine and wrinkles easily. Useful essential oils for dry skin include Neroli, Rose, Sandalwood, Palmarosa, Rosewood, Patchouli, Carrot Seed, and Frankincense.
  • Combination Skin – Combination skin is characterised by two or more different skin types or conditions. The classic is the oily T-zone where the skin is oily around the nose, forehead and chin but dry on the rest of the face. For combination skin choose essential oils that suit the dominant skin type at the time.

Step 6 – Change constantly

Use ingredients that work:

  • Cold Pressed Vegetable Oils 
  • Aloe Vera 
  • Wheatgerm Oil       
  • Kaolin Pure Clay
  • Honey     
  • Flaxseed Oil

Change with the seasons:

  • Dry Cold – Bathing and showering minimum
  • Dry Lips – Need extra protection
  • Dry Heat and Air-Con – Blood rushes to the face for cooling
  • Air-conditioning Cooling – Drink a lot of water and spritz
  • Humidity – You will not need much skincare in general

Step 7 – Avoid toxins

Avoid toxic foods, habits and emotions:

  • Reduce or eliminate smoking and stimulants
  • Eat close to nature
  • Avoid sleeping on your face
  • Don’t get too hot in bed! 
  • Negative facial expressions 
  • Negative thoughts about yourself and your skin
  • Keep toxins mobilised (I’ve included the herbal tonic I use at the end of the show notes)  

The sun is a huge source of damage to your skin. As you know, I surf, so this is what I do:

  • If you have to be in the sun, use a physical sun blocker – I use a wide-brimmed hat, and cover-up between 10am and 2pm
  • Avoid chemical type sun blockers, Benzophenone is one of the most potent and nasty free radical generators known to man
  • I use old fashioned zinc cream

Helpful Links

Healthy Life Hacks

So, the healthy life hacks I want to leave you with today are: 

  1. Go through the show notes above and integrate one small thing this week and keep building on it
  2. Check out the image below for reference when you have a breakout or other skin issue to see what body system it is involving

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