Think arriving on time is the way to show up in life? Think again. In this episode, Jen explains why being on time is actually late and why arriving early is a sign of deep respect for someone else’s time and a sure way to minimise the stress and pressure in your life.

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Are you the person who arrives on time for an appointment or just a little late? While on-time can seem like you have arrived at the right moment, think about it. You arrive, then need to grab a cuppa, go to the toilet and settle in. You can soon see why arriving on time doesn’t equate to starting or being ready on time. On time is late.

I was late, only once in my life. It was when I was in the Australian Army. On that day, I was meant to be the safety vehicle for a platoon going out to do a challenge – and I was late. How was I late? I was on time. But when I got there, I needed to check my vehicle and organise myself, which meant I was really a few minutes late.

I got punished, as you do in the Australian Army. I didn’t get to go home for a month. I was on late duties (24-hour duties) for a month. Trust me, you learn that lesson really quickly when you screw up that bad. I got into so much trouble.

So, I want to talk about the importance of respecting others and respecting yourself when it comes to time.

As I said, I was a member of the Royal Australian Army Corps of Transport, so I was a truckie. I taught people how to drive trucks and buses as a driving instructor. In the Army, we teach people to get there 10 minutes early for a task and say that if you’re on time, you’re late.

Now you might say, come on Jen, you don’t understand, I have to deal with kids in the morning, and then there’s the traffic, and all these other kinds of variables you just can’t foresee, you just don’t get it. I can’t do anything about being late.

Yes, you can! It’s a matter of choice and priorities. What are your priorities? That is the bottom line. What stops you from getting somewhere not just on time, but a few minutes early?

If you’re turning up for work and you always get there in just the nick of time or a couple of minutes late due to traffic, then leave home 10 minutes earlier! If it’s the kids, and getting them ready for school, and I get it, kids are a huge variable, aim to be ready 10 minutes earlier. 

Save yourself the panic of “I’m late. I’m late!” and the inevitable excuse-making that takes another 10 minutes to explain and get there early. Go for a pee, grab a coffee and get into a relaxed state before the meeting, appointment or work starts.

This whole podcast is about living from a place of prevention, and time management is one of the best ways to make sure you can move forward in life without stress. It’s worth it guys, it’s really worth it.

As for me, I always add 10 minutes to everything I do. Does it mean I turn up 10 minutes early sometimes? Yes, it does, and I get to sit and relax before the meeting. Whether it is catching up with a friend for a cuppa, going for a walk with someone, going to a really important meeting or turning up for a webinar, it doesn’t matter. I create a time buffer because I know it’s worth it to reduce the stress and respect others.

To turn up on time or late is a shit habit guys. How we do one thing is how we do everything. This is a discipline that you will get positive results in multiple areas of your life if you stick to it, I promise you that. 

It’s disrespectful to turn up late. If you’ve ever got a call or meeting with me, know that I start every meeting on time. Imagine I’m speaking at a conference. What if I said let’s wait another 5-10 mins for the stragglers to arrive. How disrespectful to the people who made the effort to turn up on time! Really, how rude are you to do that to someone? It’s not cool. I won’t do it. It’s the same if I go and meet someone. I expect them to get there a couple of minutes early, so they are ready for us to make a start on time.

We have to be able to teach others how to treat us. If you’re going to disrespect someone, they are going to disrespect you too. If you know you’re running late, and it happens to me sometimes, message the person the moment you know you’ll be late. 

If I think I’m going to be 3-5 minutes late, I’ll say, I’m caught in traffic, just letting you know I’m going to be 10 mins late. What happens then is that when I over-deliver by showing up earlier than I’ve said, they’re like oh cool you’re not as late as you said you’d be, all good. 

It’s just a respectful thing to do for yourself and others. Let them know what is happening. It’s purely a sign of respect.

Healthy Life Hacks

So, the healthy life hack I want to leave you with today is: 

  1. ADD TEN MINS – It’s worth the self-discipline. Create the new habit and start respecting others as well as yourself in the process.

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