In the year 2020, the only certainty has been uncertainty. With emotions heightened from a stressful year and the impending holiday season, it’s crucial to get insight into your emotional needs. In this episode, Jen does a surrogate reading of her Aromatherapy Insight Cards to identify three essential oils to help and support you to close out the year strong, fit and healthy.

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2020, the year of COVID-19 has been an interesting year for all of us, so I want you to start thinking about what you need to finish the year emotionally strong and prepare for the holidays ahead.

Think about the question “What essential oils would be able to support me to be physically and emotionally strong and able to deal with everything that comes up?”

Why? Because today I’m going to do a three card reading from my Aromatherapy Insight Cards. These divine cards were painted by Karen Osbourne and I wrote the guidebook over twenty years ago.

These cards are about working with the emotional side of us and the emotional side of essential oils. I did a previous podcast with Karen where we spoke about creating the cards, but today I thought I’d do a reading – just for fun – as the year is closing out and I want people to be living strong into the end of this year, particularly when emotions are amplified.

So, let’s play! The first thing is to establish your question, which we’ve done. I’m going to think about that same question and choose three cards randomly. You can choose 1, 2 or 3. If we were doing a one card reading, the card would be the essential oil that would help you the most. But I’ll also read it as a three card reading.

When it comes to using the essential oils still use them as you normally would and as per the safety guidelines.

Card #1 – Thyme

If you chose number one, the first card out of the pack that would help support you is Thyme. I love Thyme! Thyme is about having the willpower to succeed at anything you are wanting to do. I’m going to read what I wrote in the guidebook. 

Here’s what I wrote in the guidebook, “Thyme is a fortifying essential oil that dispels despondency and negativity giving those who withdraw the strength to overcome obstacles. It removes fears and gives strength to feel fulfilled and worthy. Trust you intuition and draw on its power to influence to strengthen your will. Work with the positive aspects of willpower to draw on the dynamic energy of Thyme and strengthen yourself on all levels.”

That is so relevant! The first essential oil is Thyme to sure yourself up and keep you strong emotionally so you can deal with whatever happens in a positive way instead of focusing on the negative.

Card #2 – May Chang

May Chang is for when you are chucking the “poor me”. You know you’re doing “it’s not fair, why is everything happening to me?” So, we use the oil to get rid of this by stimulative the vive in life again.

So, I wrote in the guidebook, “Stop allowing yourself to be overlooked and put that spark back into your step. If you want to get something or somewhere in life it is up to you to jump in and be seen and noticed. Being dynamic and excited helps you go and get what you want in life and rid you of the “poor me” and “why me”mentality.”

This year I think most of the world has been sitting in that vibe all year! It’s huge! So, if you chose card two, you chose May Chang.

Card #3 – Eucalyptus 

If you chose card three you chose eucalyptus, which is about integrating ideas and being spontaneous in life.
The guidebook says, “Remove restrictions, release regrets and fear, remove confusion and link all parts of the equation to make the hole you are seeking in the first place. Be spontaneous and give up negative habits and achieve the freedom you seek. Experience the lightness of eucalyptus as you stop being predictable and integrate everything from outside your box.”

That is really relevant too. This year has had so much uncertainty it has almost become predictable that it’s uncertain. So, instead of holding yourself back, I would use this oil to say “Wow, this is happening, well, let’s create it this way this year.” It’s about being spontaneous and adapting. 

That is card 1, 2 and 3 if you chose them as a one card reading. But if you did a three card reading, the first card out is the past, the second is the present and the third is the future.

There are three essential oils that will really help to support you to close out this year in a stronger, more positive way. Essential oils have both physical and emotional purposes – and we are emotional beings whether we like it or not. We have to look at the emotional part of our lives as it manifests as physical imbalances.

Healthy Life Hacks

The healthy life hacks is like to share with you today are:
1. If you are using any essential oils, then you can use the Aromatherapy Insight Cards to contemplate and feel what oil will help you best. If you already have a set of my Aromatherapy Insight Cards – use them as we designed them to help you get out of your head and energetically go with what your body really needs.
2. Use essential oils for the emotions not just the physical.
3. If you played along with me through the reading, think about tracking that oil down and use it how you normally use it (diffuser, aromatherapy jewellery, a drop on the collar or dilute it down into a roll on).

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