Healing oils and herbs have been used as remedies for thousands of years. In this episode, Jen shares how this natural ‘old-time pharmacy’ can help keep those nasty bugs and pathogens away. Plus you’ll hear about Jen’s go-to blend that ensures she’s breathing clean and filtered air to stay well especially in times like now in 2020.

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Imagine living from a place of prevention and using healing oils and herbs to help you get well and stay well. I do this with Aromatherapy Essential Oils. My favourite way of explaining Aromatherapy is an old-time pharmacy. 

I spent five years in the pharmacy industry back in the 1980s. It was a time of the whole “greed is good” and do anything to make a profit. In my time working with a chain of retail pharmacies, I learned how far from nature the modern world of medicine is. Granted our stores had a health food department which was revolutionary for its time, but most people still looked to treat their bodies once it was ill. There was no prevention. 

Aromatherapy is the science of using essential oils for therapeutic, mood-enhancing and cosmetic benefits. Since the beginnings of human civilisation, healers have looked to nature to provide remedies. For centuries essential oils have filled dispensaries and provided pharmacists with the raw materials to make medicines. It was not so very long ago that you would take your prescription along to the local pharmacist and he or she would make up your cough mixture or cream from scratch using essential oils and herbs. Today, most of these natural medicines have been replaced with synthetic laboratory-produced drugs. But we’re seeing a resurgence in the popularity of natural therapies, and Aromatherapy in particular.

My speciality when I studied to be a naturopath was Aromatherapy. Why? Because I see it as the easiest modality of all natural therapies to integrate into everyday life. I love using essential oils to help people live from a place of prevention. I was so inspired that I’ve written numerous books on Aromatherapy, some translated into multiple languages.

So, what are essential oils? They are the highly-concentrated, aromatic plant essences that can be derived from just about any part of a plant including the flowers, flowering tops, leaves, stalks, fruit rinds, seeds, saps, nuts, bark, roots, resin and berries. The oils give a plant its scent and are essential to its biological processes. 

I will weave so much about Aromatherapy into the upcoming episodes, but today I want to touch on something so relevant right now. I shared in a previous episode about how, in a pre COVID world, I generally travel 6-9 months a year teaching about health across the globe. 

Living from a place of prevention, I have always made sure that I was breathing clean filtered air while I travelled. I travelled through China teaching during SARS and again during Bird Flu never questioning that I would not always be well. A big reason for that was I came from a place of prevention breathing some amazing essential oils in my AVAB blend.

This is the blend that I use to surround myself with when travelling to ensure that I am breathing clean filtered air. The blend comes from my published research on “Reduce the Prevalence of Airborne Pathogenic Bacteria” in conjunction with the Department of Microbiology, Faculty of Science, Prince of Songkla University, Hat Yai, Thailand.

The results showed “that oil blend can produce a good synergistic effect in reducing the prevalence of airborne pathogens, and thus preventing the spreading of infections.”

It is a synergistic blend of Lemon Thyme, Cinnamon, Tea Tree and Patchouli 100% pure essential oils that support the respiratory system and immune systems in times of crisis. 

How would I use this blend of oils? In a simple infuser method. When I was travelling, I’d even put a drop of the oil on the collar of my shirt or a tissue. Just so that I was surrounded by the oils to breathe clean and comfortably. If you’re using a mask, you could put a drop on that too. 

Whenever I think of these oils, I get a real visual of the healers during the black plague times. They were dressed head to toe in a heavy leather cloak, and they wore a mask that was stuffed with things like cinnamon bark and cloves and so they were inhaling filtered anti-everything air. Fast forward to today and we don’t need to wear the big heavy leather cloaks although now days so many people are interacting during these COVID 19 times are wearing full Personal Protection Equipment (PPE). 

Today’s Healthy Life Hackis to come from a place of prevention. I spoke in Episode 3 about the foods that I am focusing on to keep my immune system high. If you haven’t listened to that yet, definitely go back and listen. There are so many useful hacks in that one!

The next Healthy Life Hack is to consider bringing in some essential oils to your preventative wellness plan even with simple inhalation. 

CLICK THIS LINK to check out Jennifer’s AVAB blend of essential oils that she talked about in the podcast.

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