I meet people in my travels how self-prescribe him or herself the latest vitamin or mineral multi supplement and expect miracles. You may have seen it advertised on the television or in some mode of the media and think yeh I have been a little tired lately and skipped a few meals why not take a multi. So you begin taking it and for a few days you feel a lift like you are getting back to your old self and then it plateaus off, and you notice that spark is gone and you are feeling like crap.

What happens in your body is that all minerals for instance work in relationships. There are two kind so of relationships, they either work together or against each other. This is the kind of fun stuff that naturopaths learn in college. You see when you visit your local naturopath we conduct a consultation to gain insight as to what is really going on in your body, compared to what you think may be going on and we check out which nutrients are working together or against each other. When we run a test called a Hair Tissue Mineral Analysis we are able to see not only the nutritional levels but also the interactions and their influences on your body.

So in a typical analysis we see your profile that will generally have some imbalances whether in basic levels or in the way the minerals and trace elements are interacting with each other. Now if you take a multivitamin or mineral supplement that contains a little bit of everything, what you can be doing is raising your levels but they go from being out of balance to a higher state of out of balance. That’s right they are still out of balance. That is why you can feel a lift at first and then none.

The taking of supplements today can be essential to your health if you are cutting corners or eating calorie laden nutrition less foods. The secret is to get accurate advice first to what you really need to gain maximum benefit and regain that nutritional balance you are seeking. Your local naturopath and many doctors nowadays can run a Hair Tissue Mineral Analysis to see what is really happening inside.