Got your attention? Yes I am going to share with you the truths and myths of low carb beers with you but first we need to cover a little background on the different carbs and how they work.

Pretty much most people have heard about the low carb diets that are going around now days. Low carb is perceived as meaning it helps you to lose weight. Research has shown 20% of people have tried a low carb diet at some time and a low carb diet can help you lose weight short term. But with like with every diet if you return to the same eating habits that got you off track in the first place the weight returns.

By the way I said low carb not NO carb, there is a big difference. You see the carbs in your diet which come from grains for instance give you your energy to move. Carbohydrate is needed in your diet but it is the unrefined in processed carbs that we are after like wholemeal grains. If you eat more carbs than you need and don’t move your body enough the carbs end up storing as fat.

In your body protein which comes from meat, eggs, dairy, legumes, nuts and seeds helps to makes muscle and when you have more muscle mass you have less fat.

So what about low carb beer does it help you to lose weight???????

Remember the diet ales in the 70’s and 80’s you were able to buy diet ale beer. It’s the same idea of what we call today “low carb” beer but the name didn’t lend itself to having a line-up of Aussie men to drink it. Today low card beer is experiencing strong growth as the general population becomes more health conscious.

Is low carb beer better for you and if you drink that will it help you lose weight? The reality is that low carb beer still contains calories and empty ones at that so if you don’t move your body enough to burn up the excess calories they will still store as fat.

Low carb beer generally contains one third the amount of calories of a full strength beer. If you think because it is low carb beer you can enjoy a few more beers remember you may still be having the same amount of calories, which means you still put on weight. Also when you are drinking you are also inclined to eat more rubbish foods like chips and snacks.

A main stream low carb beer has approximately .9grams of carb per 100ml where a full strength one has 3.1gram of carb per 100ml. The beauty of the low carb beers is that you don’t get the bloating of the other beers.

LITE beer is usually low in alcohol and not necessarily in carbs and low carb beer still has about 100 calories per bottle. This means if you go for a brisk walk it still takes about 15 mins to walk off each beer so if you have four to six beers in a session that about one to one and a half hours of brisk walking exercise to walk them off.

The lowest calories are still the ones you don’t stick into your body. So for the best outcome change to low carb and stick to the same quantity of drinks and you will carry less calories for it.

Remember moderation is important. You still need to be responsible in your drinking.