Do you feel like you’re always making New Year’s resolutions but are perhaps guilty of never following through? Together we are going to make sure this year is different!  Here are eight steps you to take to ensure you have no regrets this time next year. 

Let’s go!

1. Lock it in. Put it in your diary

If you don’t schedule it in, it won’t happen. To make that commitment to yourself, you MUST lock in that time in your diary. We always say ‘can’t find the time’ but we can if we are truly committed. The trick with your diary is simple. When planning this year, you need to put in your time first, your family commitment second, your work and social commitments last. This way you have NO more excuses, and you will finally achieve those long desired results. 

2. Every step is a recognisable step

It should never be ‘all or nothing’. This type of mindset causes us to undermine and punish ourselves unnecessarily. Every step we take, no matter how far we go, is a step in the right direction. Look at it like riding a bike, if you fall off, then simply get back on and try again. Each time you will get further and further towards the results you want to achieve.  

3. Never stop trying

Whoops, so you’ve slipped up. Never fear, get back up and try again. As Vince Lombardi said, “It is not whether you get knocked down, it’s whether you get back up.” Regroup, refocus and re-energise and get back at it again. 

4. Be specific with what you want to achieve

Be realistic and clear on what your goals are.  Also keep in mind that a goal isn’t just about an action, it is about how you want to feel as a result of the action. So how do you want to feel? When you set your goals base them around the emotions, you want to feel. It will change your perspective and fuel your motivation.

5. Keep track of your progress

Make SMART (Specific, measurable, achievable, relevant and time-bound) goals. They will give you clear steps forward and help you to track your progress. Be prepared to allow room for variations along the way, sometimes as we progress we find the need for slight changes to the overall plan. Don’t be afraid to make those changes. Your end goal will still be the same. 

6. Enjoy the journey

It doesn’t always happen overnight so enjoy the ride! Each step we take towards achieving our goals should be acknowledged and enjoyed. It’s not always about the result; it’s about the journey and growth you experience.

7. Anticipate hurdles

No plan is perfect, but a smart plan allows for potential difficulties and obstacles you may face when trying to achieve your goal. By planning ahead, you can ensure you deal with possible situations effectively, and build your resilience.

8. Focus on one goal at a time

Overwhelm is the enemy of productivity, as is multitasking. Tackle your goals one at a time. You will be amazed at how much you can accomplish and how quickly it is achieved when you focus solely on one goal at a time.

You know you can do this. You know it’s time. No more talking, it’s time to take action but take SMART action! Don’t forget to celebrate and enjoy the ride too.