With all the talk about gut health these days (I’m a huge fan of this by the way), the focus of eating healthy is especially emphasised (again, I’m a huge fan).  But how the gut keeps us healthy is all about how well your GALT helps your MALT…WT? Right?

GALT or Gut Associated Lymphoid Tissue is a lymphoid tissue of the gastrointestinal mucosa that contains both B and T cells (these are the good guys!), and it is vital to the health of the MALT or Mucosa-Associated Lymphoid Tissue. Together with Peyer’s Patches and isolated lymphoid follicles, GALT works in the immune system to protect your entire body from pathogens such as bacteria, viruses and parasites.  

Basically, good GALT in your MALT is key to staying healthy.

Your gut is a battlefield

While eastern medicine and philosophy have long recognised the importance of gut health and its function as a “second brain” in your body, until recently there has been little research done as to why and how.

The GALT is the thin protective layer in your gut that is not only your first line of defence against pathogens but also carries the important T and B cells essential to fighting diseases.  Simply put: your GALT is like your gut’s fortress where your T and B cells are your front line soldiers fighting the enemy. 

Don’t piss off your GALT

Another function of your GALT has recently been identified as a key to fighting Irritable Bowel Syndrome (IBS), Crohn’s disease and other inflammatory intestinal diseases. 

Given this and your GALT’s role in creating a layer of protection from diseases, it needs to be healthy and happy to keep your gut calm. This means keeping the acid PH at a minimum and balanced, so you don’t create extra work for your GALT. If you do, it’s straight to the toilet courtesy of an unhappy and inflamed gut.

How to maintain a healthy GALT 

Our bodies are incredibly complex but also quite easy to keep functioning at an optimal level if we eat well and treat it right. But consistently consuming unhealthy meals and beverages requires your GALT to kick into overdrive, which can make it more vulnerable to pathogens and as a result make you sick.

The best way to keep your GALT healthy and the delicate homoeostasis in your gut in balance is to feed your body and intestinal flora with healthy, natural and organic foods.  This way the soldiers in your GALT and gut will not have an immune reaction to the food that you eat.  

You also need to stay away from what I like to call bum ‘glue’ – the highly processed white flours, pastas and rice. For more about ‘bum glue’ that clogs up your intestines this watch the video https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=a41OWk2oeiw

Bottom line: Happy GALT, Happy Life!