Whether you want to check off your to-do list, live a healthier lifestyle,  make a difference in the world through philanthropy or kick some serious goals you need a strong dose of motivation.

Motivation gives us the courage and momentum to live our dreams and follow our passions and, what’s more, it’s contagious. By being motivated ourselves, we help others become motivated and passionate too. 

But there’s just one problem – motivation isn’t available on tap. When life takes a swing at you, or you are drowning in your everyday routine, motivation can have a habit of playing hide and seek. 

So how do you keep your motivation high so you can achieve everything you want to? Here are five tips to keep you motivated regardless of what you are chasing.

1. Find your why

Motivation needs a driving force; that is why it is so important to discover your passion. Why do you get up in the morning? Why did you set your goals in the first place? 

This big picture perspective gives purpose to the small, mundane tasks you have to do. With purpose comes passion, and with passion comes motivation.

2. Stop thinking and start doing

Starting is often the hardest part, but by taking action no matter how small you will change your perspective from “I think I can do it” to “I am doing it”. Motivation thrives with momentum, the more momentum you create, the more motivation you will gain.

3. Watch your attitude and vocabulary

The thoughts we think, words we use and the outlook we have on life can dramatically impact our level of motivation. 

Think about it, the most motivated people you’ve met were likely to have been happy and optimistic people with a “can-do” attitude. Changing your attitude can change your perspective and make a big difference to your motivation.

4. Celebrate your achievements

Allow yourself to celebrate your successes. It doesn’t matter how small or irrelevant they may seem, acknowledging your progress fuels motivation. Once you know you are capable and have a win, you will be motivated to keep ticking off more tasks or kicking more goals.

5. Set a reward

Sometimes a little incentive can go a long way. If you find you are suffering from a touch of procrastination, or you can’t seem to muster the motivation you need try setting yourself a reward when you complete or attain what you need to. You’ll be surprised at just how much motivation you can find when it means you’ll get something that you want!

How do you keep yourself motivated?