We all seem to be so busy these days with long hours at work, then rushing to families or friends, before the day ends with us falling in to bed; only to start all over again after a few short hours of sleep.

As much as we want to make time for exercise and mean to exercise, some days it’s just not possible. So here are some great ways to get active while your work is getting done.  

1. Walking meetings 

There are no rules to say we need to sit down around tables while meeting with colleagues or clients. So take your meetings outside. Walk around a nearby park or simply up and down the street. How do you take notes on such a meeting you ask? Use voice memos on your mobile phone or try some voice recording apps.

2. Last one standing 

For the meetings where you are confined to the office, always try to be the last person standing in the room – that is, the last person to sit down. So stand while you wait for all attendees to come in to the meeting, then whenever there’s a chance to stand during the meeting, take it.

3. Sitting squeeze 

Sitting at your desk gives you a great opportunity to work out while you’re working. The sitting squeeze is one exercise no one will even know you’re doing. Simply squeeze your gluteal muscles (buttocks) and hold for the count of around eight. Repeat in sets of five. 

4. Shrugging shoulders

When you’re on the phone or reading, shrugging your shoulders is good way to release tension in your shoulders and neck. Raise both of your shoulders up and hold for the count of eight, the release. Even try rolling your shoulders back to your resting position. Repeat three times.

5. Photocopier or fax workout

While our office equipment often runs on automatic, there’s no need to stand idle while you wait for it to do its job. When at the photocopier or fax machine do calf raises – stand with your feet shoulder width apart, then rise up on to your toes, hold for the count of three, then slowly lower yourself down so your feet are flat. Repeat this as many times as you can.

6. Shake your own hand

In between phone calls and keyboard work, give yourself a moment to stretch. Clasp your hands together as if shaking hands with yourself – note that one hand will be upside-down. Then gently pull your hands away from each other, creating resistance as you hold for the count of five. Then release and repeat.

Now there’s no reason to write off your exercise regime due to work. Weave these exercises in to your daily schedule. This way you’ll look after yourself while you are on the job so you feel better and think more clearly all day long.