There are some very happy people out there in the world and I have to admit I’m one of them.  But there was a time when I’d look at happy people and wonder – what are they on, how can they be so happy all the time, how do they do it? 

So when I decided enough was enough, and it was time I get happy too, I looked around at what all the crazy happy people were doing to get into their blissful state. As it turns out, it wasn’t anything too out of the ordinary. In fact all I had to do what change my perspective and reprioritise my priorities. To help you, I thought I would share what I found in my search to be the top six habits of happy people.

1. Make yourself number one 

Happy people are selfish. But not in the bad way where they only think of themselves, in the good way where they take the time to care about themselves and ensure their own needs are met. They prioritise their physical and mental wellbeing because they understand that by taking better care of themselves they can give more to others. 

2. Set goals to focus on 

We all know about goals, but how often do we set them, revise them and take proactive steps to achieve them? It could be goals for weight loss, getting a job or promotion at work, or spending more time with family. Happy people constantly work towards goals they set for all areas of their life. 

3. Be present

While happy people strive for something greater they are also acutely aware that happiness is not a destination, it is something you choose on a daily basis. While they do look to the future, they don’t let it get in the way of them enjoying the present.

4. Find fun in your day 

Regardless of what happy people need to do in a day, they always find the time for fun. They prioritise the things that give them joy and pleasure. It could be as simple as taking in some sunshine before walking into the office, planning an activity with friends after work, taking time to play with the kids, getting up early to go for a run, swim or paddle, or reading a book or the paper over your morning coffee.  They focus on whatever brings them joy.

5.  Make your health a priority 

Happy people make their health a priority. They know that their health is a key to them being happy and doing the things that make them happy. After all long-lasting energy comes from eating healthy food and good-mood endorphins are released through regular exercise. 

6. Make time for adventure 

Happy people like adventure in their life. They take time out of routines to do something that excites them and pushes the boundaries of their comfort zone. From small adventures on weekends to big adventures that take a year to plan, happy people try new ideas and experiences.

What habits are you going to start today to become a happier person?